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Company workers brought samples of α-Aluminum Hydride
     On November 29, 2019, our staff in the chemical products laboratory of Henan Nayu New Material Co., Ltd. brought a batch of recently produced aluminum trihydride samples. The senior leaders of our company attach great importance to the production of this batch of α-Aluminum Hydride, and enter the laboratory for many times to inspect and inspect, so as to avoid any accidents. Hydrogen in the base of new energy materials, our company has a domestic leading hydrogen energy material in the field of research and development team, including research and development of much starker choices-and graver consequences-in national key project: hydrogen energy material - alpha - three aluminium hydride, a new generation of solid hydrogen storage material fills the blank in the field of national hydrogen energy base material aluminum hydride, reached the international advanced level and is widely used. Welcome new and old customers to inquire for cooperation.

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