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A Drilling Project in Africa Is Nearing Completion
 Recently, a well drilling project in Africa was about to be completed. In this project, our company provided a batch of stainless steel casing and wedge wire screen. The builders were impressed by the quality of the stainless steel casing and stainless steel wire winding screen we provided.Our stainless steel pipe can be customized according to the diameter and wall thickness required by customers, can be seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe and thread hot rolled steel pipe, can be widely used in the transportation of water, oil or natural gas, is a more ideal engineering pipeline.We can produce different specifications according to the actual needs of customers, is made of stainless steel wedge wire and support rod, with excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance, is the most popular one.This kind of wedge-shaped wire well screen can be widely used in water, oil and gas well, and is also the main screen type in well industry.

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