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Multi-layers Pre-packed Gravel Well Screen
   Recently, our factory produced a batch of multi-layers pre-packed gravel well screens, the company quality inspector checked the batch of multi-layers pre-packed screens. It is made of two layers filter screen pipes and the middle pre-packed filter material combination. The pre packed gravel well screen is a kind of screen pipe that filling the filter medium combination such as gravel, quartz sand, fine gauze net, metal fiber, ceramic particles to the annular space of the inner and outer screen pipes. It doesnt need downhole work, but it can achieve better effect of sand control, it is also a very advanced downhole sand control technology.Multi-layers pre-packed gravel well screen is mainly used in oil wells, gas wells and water wells with small hole diameter, good filtration effect, high pipeline strength, convenient construction characteristics, it is also a kind of more ideal filter screen pipe.


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