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Fluidization Device in Coal Injection
Fluidized bed (Fluidization device in coal injection)
SUS304, 316, 316L
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Product Introduction

Fluidized bed (Fluidization device in coal injection)

    Gas distribution control, powder material transmission and fluidization operation, are widely used in industry procedures. Fluidization technology is the important method of medium transmission, heat transmission and chemical reaction. And the controlling of gas distribution needs fluidization element which is made of sintered plate with good permeability. 

Product Advantage

1. Uniformly pore distribution, stable flow capacity and resistance control.

2. High strength, high rigidity, easy installation and maintenance.

3. Good medium transmission and heat transportation efficiency, good melting efficiency, high efficiency, low gas consumption.

4. High temperature tolerance, corrosion resistance, wide application.

5. Wide operating range, simple for process adjusting, non-leakage material, long working life.

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