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Advanced wedge wire production technology
Wedge wire is the most important part of the wedge wire screen,The quality of the wedge wire determines the quality of the screen pipe,which affects the quality of the entire project.Advanced wedge wire production technology enables wire products to be more competitive.
Our company has a top R&D team, we continuously improving the process In the production technology of wedge wire,inventing and creating a new type of wedge wire production machine.And we have obtained production technology higher than the industry level.
The industry's wedge wire production uses a one-shot production process, from raw materials to finished products, only through machine processing once can not guarantee the accuracy of the wedge wire.Our new wire rolling machine subdivides the entire rolling process into five steps, roughing, two initial processing, fine processing, and inspection of finished products.It can ensure that the wedge wire meets the required standard, which is the most powerful quality guarantee to produce the wire screen for our company.

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