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Pipe based sand control screen
The pipe based sand control screen is composed of based pipe and stainless steel wedge wire screen.The based pipe is used as an inner pipe, it is perforated pipe made by stainless steel pipe or API casing, and the stainless steel wedge wire screen is sleeved outside the base pipe, and both ends are welded at both ends of the base pipe.
The outside wedge wire screen can make the pipe base screen with good filtering effect,The inside perforated base pipe make the pipe base screen have higher strength and strong resistance to deformation.
Its performance is only reduced by 2%-3% compared with the single-layer wedge wire screen,the strength is several times than the single-layer wedge wire screen . Even if the pipe body suffer high pressure local deformation, the slot will not follow the deformation and will not affect the pipe Filtration accuracy. In some deep wells or high pressure areas where the wedge wire screen is not suitable for using, the pipe based sand control screen is the best choice.
Specifications of the base pipe and wedge wire screen, for example: Outer diameter, slotted width, the specification of wedge shaped wire and support rods,length,Base pipe material 、Screen connection etc, can be made according to customer's requirements.
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