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Introduction of wedge wire screen connection method
The picture shows the weld, thread and flange connection for stainless steel wedge wire screen produced by our company. Why use different connections? Is there a selection criteria? Today, we will provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of different connection methods for your reference:
1. Flange: Flange connection is a detachable method of tight connection. It uses two flanges to connect pipes, valves, equipment and other components into a tight pipe system. Easy to disassemble, reliable connection, easy to process, flange detachable, can withstand small pressure or high pressure according to different requirements. It is Relatively stable in a vibrating environment.
2. Thread: It is suitable in medium and low pressure environment, and the threaded screen is relatively stable, no afraid of slight leakage, suitable for occasions that will not be disassembled for a long time, but if there is vibration and shaking, it will be very unreliable.
3. Welding: If Welding, there is no need to consider for disassembly. It is suitable for using when the temperature and pressure are cyclically changed. High temperature and high pressure may cause the flange to loose or have high frequency vibration, the welding is best way in high pressure and temperature environment.
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