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2,2′-Bis ethylferrocenyl propane
≥ 97.5
23.3 ~ 24.3
< 2.8
< 0.08
< 0.30
< 0.10
< 2.0
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Product Description
Executive standard:Q/YTY001-2014
English name:2,2′-Bis(ethylferrocenyl)propane
Chinese alias:卡托辛
English alias:catocene
CAS RN:37206-42-1;69279-97-6
Molecular formula:C27H32Fe2
Molecular weight:468.25
Structural formula:

Stable in a normal temperature, closed container.
2,2 bis(ethylferrocene)propane is used as a high-efficiency burning catalyst for various composite solid propellants, and has excellent comprehensive performance and low mobility. As a dinuclear ferrocene derivative, the application of the composite solid propellant using AP as an oxidant has the effects of increasing the burning rate and lowering the pressure index.
Safety Instruction And Storage Method
Safety Instruction:
This product is low in toxicity. Rabbit percutaneous: LD50 > 2000 mg/kg; Rat oral: LD50 > 500mg/kg.
Storage Method:
In a cool and ventilated place, the barrel is filled with nitrogen and stored in a sealed atmosphere. It is strictly forbidden to be heated or exposed. The shelf life is 12 months.
project name indicators
%(m/m) Purity (titration) ≥ 97.5
%(m/m) Iron content 23.3 ~ 24.3
(25℃) ,Pa·s Viscosity < 2.8
%(m/m) Moisture: < 0.08
mmol/100g Acidity: < 0.30
%(m/m) Insoluble matter < 0.10
(80±1) ℃,%(m/m) (20±1)×102Pa,12h Volatilization loss < 2.0
g/cm3 Density 1.2910 ~ 1.2960
Appearance brown red viscous liquid
Packing & Transportation
Packaging details:
Packing according to customer's requirement

Do not invert during transportation to avoid violent collision, exposure, and mixing with strong oxidants.
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