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Borane Tetrahydrofuran Complex Solution
borane tetrahydrofuran complex solution
Colorless liquid
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Product Description
       Borane-Four Tetrahydrofuran complex (BORANE-THF, CAS 14044-65-6) is a reductive reagent for boron hydride. Borane-Four Tetrahydrofuran complex (BORANE-THF, CAS 14044-65-6) can be used in the hydrogenation and reduction of the unsaturated bond with certain functional groups, the reduction of the amine reaction in the presence of borane-four Tetrahydrofuran complex (BORANE-THF, CAS 14044-65-6), stack Nitride can undergo a transition state of boron hydride to generate amine compounds, while releasing a molecule of nitrogen, the reaction to produce the first-order amine production rate of more than 90%.
      Borane-Four Tetrahydrofuran complexes (BORANE-THF, CAS 14044-65-6) can also be used to restore the carbon-nitrogen double bond. 
      In addition, under the action of the Borane-four Tetrahydrofuran complex (BORANE-THF, CAS 14044-65-6), the alcohols and aldehydes are generated by nucleophilic addition reaction to produce beta-hydroxy ester, the reaction product as an important intermediate in organic synthesis can be further derived. Borane-Four Tetrahydrofuran complexes (BORANE-THF, CAS 14044-65-6) are commonly used as organic reductive reagents.
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