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The dimer acid diisocyanate DDI
clear and transparent liquid
about 600
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Product Description
The dimer acid diisocyanate (DDI) product chain developed by the company is a dimer fatty acid with 36 carbon atoms, which has better flexibility and adhesion, low carbon, green and non-toxic. The 100% solids DDI has the advantages of low toxicity, non-yellowing, and low water sensitivity. It is a typical green renewable special isocyanate.
Application range
Widely used in solid rocket propellant curing agents, aircraft fuel extrusion cans, fabric finishing, polyurethane (urea) elastomers, adhesives and sealants, polyurea coatings, inks, paper and waterproofing agents for leather and textiles, Wood waterproofing agent, electronic material (photoresist material), etc.
Main technical indicator
Appearance: clear and transparent liquid
Relative molecular weight: about 600
NCO content: 3.13.6-15.2%
Hydrolysis of chlorine: <0.05%
Density: 0.924g/cm³
Viscosity: 170mPa·s

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Packing & Delivery
Packaging details:
1. Disposable package (bubble wrapping)
2. Plastic cloth
3. Wooden case

Delivery Detail: Shipped in 15 days after payment
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