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Triphenyl Bismuth
78-80 °C
White to off-white crystalline powder
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Product Description

1. Executive standard: GJB5276-2003

2. CAS No. : 603-33-8

3. Molecular formula: C18H15Bi

4. Molecular weight: 440.3

5. Properties: white or milky white crystal, no visible impurities or foreign bodies

6. Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in anhydrous ethanol, n-heptane

7. Stability and reactivity: stable under normal temperature and pressure.Encounter water vapor, strong oxidizing agent, strong ultraviolet ray reaction.

8. TPB mass fraction: ≥97.5%

9. Melting point: 78-80 ℃

10. Bismuth mass fraction: 47.0 - 47.9%

11. Acetone insoluble mass fraction: ≤0.10%

12. Magnesium mass fraction: ≤0.003%

13. Total halogen mass fraction (chlorine) : ≤0.05%

14. structural formula: 


    Triphenyl bismuth (TPB) is used as curing catalyst for high burning rate butyl hydroxyl propellant. TPB can reduce the curing temperature of the propellant, shorten curing time, and the processing performance and mechanical properties of no side effects, dosage of TPB reference is 0.006% ~ 0.05% of the total propellant, 50 ℃ in curing time is 7 days, also can be used as acetylene polymerization cyclization symplectic four tin chloride catalyst, polymerization catalysts, poly formaldehyde ring curing agent, certain other monomer polymerization catalyst.

Safety Instructions And Storage Method
Safety Instructions:
    This product is toxic. Eyes and skin contact cause inflammation, which is harmful to ingestion and inhalation. Wear protective clothing, synthetic rubber gloves, respirator, and protective glasses.

Storage Method:
     It is kept in a cool, dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is 12 months. It can still be used after the expired re-examination.
Project name indicators
TPB mass score % ≥97.5
Melting point ℃ ≥77.0
Bismuth mass fraction % 47.0 ~ 47.9
Mass fraction of acetone insolubles % ≤0.10
Magnesium mass fraction % ≤0.003
Total halogen mass fraction (by chlorine) % ≤0.05
Appearance White or milky white crystals, no visible impurities or foreign bodies
Packing & Transportation
Can be packed as the customer’s requirements.

During transportation, waterproofing, sunscreen and ultraviolet radiation should be used, away from strong oxidants.
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