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Punched Sieve Tube,perforated tube
304,304L,316,316L Steel
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Product Description
Punched Sieve Tube/ perforated tube adopts latest high frequency welding technology with the holes can be standard or customized in number and pattern. This kind of tubes are usually used for the application of oil reservation layer without much sand or for application of prevents the rock bits dropping off the well bore and specially used for horizontal oil well.
Punched Sieve Tube/ perforated tube widely used in oil production, chemical engineering, sewage treatment, and purifying water treatment industries.

Our products can customize according to clients’ needs.
Professional manufacturer in water treatment system.
Experienced engineers and well-trained staff.
High quality products meeting the requirement of ISO 9001.
Delivery timely and consummation after-sale service.
Packing & Delivery
Packaging details:
1. Disposable package (bubble wrapping)
2. Plastic cloth
3. Wooden case

Delivery Detail: Shipped in 15 days after payment
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